Douma : Impunité du régime syrien criminel – Nouvel attaque chimique contre les civils – #الغوطة_الشرقية

Douma: Ghouta orientale



attaque chimique dans la Ghouta


The Syrian Regime Uses Chemical Weapons against the Residents of Douma City, 55 Individuals Killed and about 1000

On April 7, 2018, Syrian regime forces carried out two air chemical attacks in northern Douma city within three hours. The first attack was at 16:00 near Sa’da bakery building in Omar ben al Khattab Street that resulted in 15 injuries. The second attack took place at approximately 19:30 near al Shuhada Square in Nu’man area and resulted in the killing of no less than 55 individuals, while 860 civilians were injured at least. Some paramedics and civil defense members reported severe symptoms on the injured, as all of the people who were affected suffered from acute dyspnea, while some suffered from conjunctivitis and miosis.

Attacks Douma-Ghouta-7 april 2018



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